Backwoods Explorers – Mixed Age


Mixed Age

Number of families in chapter: 6

How many families do you want from the RV show?  3

If your chapter is an Adults Only or a Retiree chapter, do you allow grand kids to camp/visit on occasion?  We have Adults, Retired couples, yes grandchildren have camped & visited on campouts & rides.  We try to ride on easy to moderate trails. Safety first.

Type of members chapter is looking for:  Mixed age members who enjoy Camping, & riding on ATV trails. (Most trails allow machines up to 48” in width) some trails will accommodate wider vehicles we’ve had people bring jeeps, We believe in staying ON THE TRAILS, riding safe, & watching out for each other.  We ride as small groups & never leave anyone behind on the trails.

Ages of children in chapter: No children at this time, we have a few grandchildren that have joined us on a few camp outs/ rides.

Oct we hold a Halloween/ campout in a State Park & have a great week end with the children/ & grandchildren in our group.

What percentage of time does the chapter prefer to camp with?

Dry camping 75 %

Electric only 25 %

What months does the chapter camp?  March through October

What kinds of activities does the chapter do during campouts?  Ride, & explore ATV trails, old stage coach roads, take photos of wildlife & scenery on the trails. We take a lunch to eat on the trails. We have potluck dinners on Fri. & Sat evenings. We enjoy board & card games. Campfires in the evenings with lots of discussion of that days ride.

We’ve participated in Leadville’s ride the colors tour in 2016

In July 2018 were going to try the Meeker Wagon Wheel Rendezvous (ATV Jamboree) And possibly Lake City’s Annual OHV Rally & Festival!

What are the activities during the non-camping season?  Gatherings at someone’s home or clubhouse. We enjoy potlucks, going out to dinner together. We’ve also gone to comedy shows, museums, the ice sculptures in Breckenridge, CO.  We hold our planning meeting for the following year in November.

Does the chapter participate in most of the state campouts and activities?  Some of the members do.

Does the chapter travel together on long trips?  Sometimes

Are long trips part of the regular camping season?  No, they are usually special made plans

Does the chapter have a scrapbook?  No

Does the chapter have dues?  No