Golden Nuggets – Retiree

The Golden Nuggets chapter is the one for you if you enjoy the outdoors, camaraderie, and expanding your ‘family’ of friends.  We are one of the first chapters to be established in Colorado and continue to welcome and accept new members.  We are retirees with the flexibility to camp during the week when crowds are lower.  We camp Monday, and break camp on Thursday morning.  The camping season for us begins in April and ends in September.  We then move the fun indoors with monthly meetings as we move around town and experience dining at local restaurants.  We have been known to move our summer camping to other states and do extended season ending trips.

We are a club that shoots for full hook up camping.  Recent trip locations include Loveland, Ft. Collins, Colorado City, Creede, Buena Vista, Colorado Springs, to name a few places.  We have also did an extended trip to Branson, MO, with rest stops along the way as we explored the countryside and relaxed until reaching our destination.  Branson was a longer trip and members enjoyed the sights, sounds, and weather that Branson offers during the early fall season.  We all  ‘scattered’ after this outing to explore the areas surrounding this fun location as we made our way back to Colorado.

This year, 2018, we are planning trips to various Colorado locations, and will attend the Retiree Rally in Ft Collins.  This is an annual function we support as we are treated very well by the KOA in Ft. Collins.  Rest assured you never leave our meetings hungry as we have planned meals, and free time for meals to enjoy the local cuisine as you choose your path for dining.  Our trips always include evening happy hours to review and share the day’s activities we have enjoyed, including fishing, hiking, golfing, shopping, and all things ‘fun’.  We also spend evenings after dinner playing games, you know, Farkle, Mexican Train, Dominoes, etc.

We use our $10 annual chapter fees to cover meeting room rentals and anything our chapter votes to expend on our club needs.  Come camp with us!!