Rocky Mountain Maniacs – Adults Only

The Rocky Mountain Manias, the name says it all doesn’t it?
Are you looking to camp with folks that enjoy doing things together?
Our chapter is all about FREINDSHIP, LAUGHING and HAVING FUN. We’re an adult only group though we love the occasional visit from grandkids.

We camp the third weekend April through October, meeting monthly for lunch or dinner during the non-camping season.

Some of our pastimes have included:
River Rafting
Local Casinos
Miniature Golf
Historic sites
Tourists Attractions

We support various charities and wildlife conservation.
We also allow time to kick back, relax and do your own thing.
Our campfire nights are some of our most memorable times while enjoying each other’s company and the night sky.
And so much more.

We try to schedule a week trip together during the summer and have already enjoyed, Moab, Utah, Santa Fe, New Mexico, FCRV Campventions, southern Colorado, parts of Nebraska, Wyoming, and are working on our summer plans for 2023, including a potential trip to Alaska!

Come get to know us, we’d love to meet you.

March 2022