Camp Stars – Mixed Age

Camp Stars Activities

The Camp Stars are a mixed age group that has been together almost 15 years, and we schedule all of our events for the second weekend of each month.  That way we have no questions well in advance when we will be camping.

Most of our members are in the Ft. Collins, Loveland, and Greeley triangle. Our summer schedule involves camping from March through October, and we mostly camp at State Parks and National Forest campgrounds rather than at commercial campgrounds. That’s just a matter of personal tastes.

March, April, and October outings are usually at State Parks along the I-25 corridor because of weather considerations, and then we move to the High Country for summer outings.

Members of the group are interested in hiking and bicycling, as well as animal photography, so campgrounds are selected with hiking trails and presence of wildlife taken into consideration.

Over the last six or seven years the Camp Stars have either lead the nation or at least been close in terms of most mileage hiked among FCRV chapters.  We schedule a hike almost every Saturday morning during a camping event.  Then we have an evening pot luck dinner to replace the calories we burned off.

Our winter activities vary a great deal and we challenge the winter hosts to come up with something new and interesting.  Some past winter events included a tour of Mile High Stadium, hockey games, dinner theater, the State History Museum, and a model train museum.  These are all coupled with a dinner out at a restaurant that has meeting space for a business meeting.

We ordinarily have a “year end” camping trip that is two or three weeks long, and we travel somewhere further afield than our weekend outings.  Because some of our people are still working; not all members are able to attend, but those that do have a great time.  Our first trip was a one month trip to the Pacific Northwest.  Our initial fear was that a whole month together might be hard to take, but we had such a good time that we have continued the tradition.  We have taken a tour of Canadian Rockies National Parks, A trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons, an extended visit to the Black Hills, the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, and a long visit to Southwest Colorado and desert country.