Campfire Coyotes – Retiree

Campfire Coyotes – Retiree Chapter

The Campfire Coyotes was formed in 2010 as a camping club for retirees, within the national FCRV organization.   Our members are centered on the Northern Front Range of Colorado and our 20+ member families’ homesteads range from Cheyenne to Denver, and many towns in between.   Our collective rigs include 5th wheels, large and small travel trailers, and Motorhomes (tents and pop-ups are welcome also).   Our members are typically active retirees ranging from their 50’s to 70’s. Many of our member families often have their dogs along for the ride.

As a retiree chapter, we concentrate our trips on weekdays with an occasional weekend attached for longer or multi-site trips.   Planned and recent trips include Moab (UT), Ridgeway State Park (CO), Cherry Creek State Park (CO), Jack’s Gulch (CO) and St. Vrain (CO).   Our camping schedule tends to run from April to October with monthly trips.   We generally select camping areas with partial or full hookups. Campfire Coyotes are encouraged to join regional events and rallies and we often have good participation for those events as well. Guests or grandchildren are welcome. In the off-season (November through March) we additionally socialize at monthly events which have included bowling, tours, lunches and potlucks.

One or more member families volunteer to host each campout/event and arrange optional activities such as potlucks, tours, dinners out, etc.   Some of the campouts and events in which the Coyotes participate are hosted by the state or national FCRV organizations and include other FCRV Chapters.   Between events, we stay in touch via email regarding planning for campouts and activities. Come Camp with Us!