Good Timers WEI – Retiree

Welcome to learning about the Good Timers W.E.I. Chapter which was chartered in June, 2000.  Our membership includes some original members who are now Honorary and several others who joined us in 2001.  We also have new members who are learning how much fun it is to be with the Good Timers.

Our designation as a Retiree Chapter means we have the privilege of being able to camp during the week when the campgrounds are not so busy, and to take longer trips together.  We schedule activities for each month of the year, staring our camping in April until October, weather permitting!  During the winter months we plan tours to local attractions and attend special events.  Our membership includes singles as well as couples.

We welcome new members who enjoy visiting and camping in familiar and new places, sharing experiences and participating in chapter activities.  You will often find us sitting at someone’s campsite sharing experiences and laughing a lot!

We are always ready for the camping season to start!  Many of our campouts are in the mountains from north to south.  We are so thankful to have such beautiful places to visit and love being outdoors!  We also camp in state campgrounds and  occasionally a commercial one.  Oh, and did I mention that we love and have a lot of potlucks?

Happy Camping!!