Millennium Mavericks – Mixed Age


(Mixed Age Chapter)

The Millennium Mavericks Chapter was the first new Colorado chapter chartered in the millennium year…2000!  We have always been known as a Family Chapter but since we have a variety of chapter members, we have changed our status to Mixed Age.  And we certainly are that.  Our ages range from between 16 to 80 with a lot of variety in  between. We always enjoy being together visiting, sharing ideas and laughing a lot!  Of course, eating is also a big factor…lots of great potlucks.  We are always open to new ideas and welcome new members who will also enjoy being with their new friends, have a good, clean sense of humor and be open to a variety of camping places and amenities.

Millennium Mavericks are a weekend chapter as our “mix” includes both employed and retired members.  We schedule our campouts from Friday to Sunday morning, though some come early and stay later.  We annually set a 12 month schedule which includes winter outings, parties (Super Bowl and Holiday).  Then, it is time to camp.!  We camp from April through October, weather permitting!  We utilize several of our State, County and National campgrounds and we also may attend a special event s/a Peach Festival, Balloon Fiesta, etc.   We prefer electric availability but have also camped dry on occasion.

What do we do when camping?  We enjoy campfires, “circling the chairs” to visit.  Walking, hiking, fishing or we take a tour of a facility close by.   We always have board games and active games available.  We love the opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy our beautiful mountains and try not to be too busy with planned activities.  We feel that is what camping is all about!