Technically Roughing It – Mixed Age


Technically Roughing It (TRI) is a camping chapter of Colorado Family Campers and RVers (FCRV). Our group is mixed age with adults, retirees, and families with children.

Our camping ranges from State parks, to National forests and private areas. Typically our outings are Friday to Sunday. Occasionally we’ll plan trips that are longer. We enjoy a wide range of activities on our trips. Visiting, sitting around the campfire, target shooting, bike riding, playing games and whatever else happens to catch our interest. Our group includes popups to Class As and even a tent on occasion.

The first trip of the year is typically in April and somewhere with electric, after that we tend to go to places without hookups until it gets cold again in October. Each trip has a potluck and no one goes hungry. During the off season we get together for dinner once a month a restaurant or a member’s home.