Colorado Cruisers – Family


Number of members in chapter:  17 members

Currently limit membership to 20

At present time that are 3 Cadets

It your chapter is an Adult Only or Retiree chapter, do you allow grand-kids to camp/visit on occasion?      

We allow children and grandchildren in our chapter.

What percentage of time does the chapter prefer to camp with?

Dry camping                             Less than 1%

Electric Only                           Less than 1%

Water & Electric                    Less than 2 %

Full Hookups             More than 97%

What months does the chapter camp?  April through October – Normally on the third weekend.

What kind of activities does the chapter do during campouts?  The weekend events are planned and hosted by a chapter member.  On Friday the group gets together after they arrive.  There are normally light foods so campers do not have to cook after they set up their RVs/Motor homes.  On Saturday campers can tour local sites, participate in recreational activities in the area, or enjoy the campground.  Saturday evening the group gathers for monthly meeting and dinner.  Sunday morning breakfast buffet with items shared by members.

What are the activities during the non-camping activities?  The chapter visits a local restaurant for dinner and a monthly meeting.

Does the chapter participate in most of the state campouts and activities?  Some members participate in state campouts and activities.  The number is very small.

Does the chapter travel together on long trips?  No

Does the chapter have a scrapbook?  No, photo album maintained.

Does the chapter have dues?  Yes     How Much?  $10.00 per person or $20.00 per family