Runaways – Retiree

The Runaways are a camping club associated with the national organization of Family Campers and RVers (FCRV).  Our members live in the Pueblo West, Penrose, and the Colorado Springs area.   We currently have 12 members in our chapter and are looking for easy going, fun, happy, and warm hearted people and camping buddies.

Although we do not have children in our group we welcome grandkids to camp or visit on occasion.  Grandchildren’s ages are 8 – 18.

This group is very considerate and caring, we camp but most of all we are friends and looking for new friends.  Join this group for fun, food, and lots of laughs.  The Runaways FCRB chapter was started in 2003.  We camp March thru October.  In the winter months we meet each month for dinners, games, bowling, karaoke, and other activities so we can all keep in touch.  November we meet to plan next year’s camping schedule.  We love food, horseshoes, cards, fishing hiking, walking, shopping, talking, laughing, and campfires.  We are a low key friendly retiree chapter which means we camp during the week.  Runaways have no chapter dues and only two basic rules 1.  No talking Politics and 2. No talking Religion.  We are in this chapter because we all like to have fun and camp.  Oh, yes there are National dues.

We normally camp with full hook-ups but occasionally camp with water and electric only, or electric only, and on occasion dry camp.

Occasionally we travel together on long trips.

You can also find us on Facebook.