Trailmix – Mixed Age

Trailmix is a chapter that welcomes all family members including children and grandchildren. We currently have 14 member families and several prospective families may be joining the chapter this summer. Most of our current membership is retired but several prospective families are younger. Our membership prefer to use full hookups or at least water and electric.

We meet and camp between April and October once per month on weekends. During winter months we meet on Saturday at a members residence or a restaurant, again once per month. During the campouts we have a combined potluck and chapter meeting on Saturday evening with one of the members setting the type of menu we’ll have, i.e. BBQ, Mexican, Italian, etc. Many of our members make reservations for several days around the weekend so they have the opportunity to fish, hike, golf, canoe or participate in some other activity they’re interested in.

The chapter by-laws limit our campouts to 250 miles and we usually only travel that far once or twice at most during a season. The dues for the Trailmix Chapter is $10 per year in addition to $35 per year to the Family Campers & RVers (FCRV) national organization.