Ute Bobcats – Adults Only


  • The Ute Bobcats Chapter is a chapter of Family Campers & RVers. Family Campers & RVers (FCRV) is the world’s largest membership owned, non-profit RV camping club.  It is a national – international organization and was organized in 1949.  Its main purpose is to promote family camping.
  • The Ute Bobcats is an adult chapter and most activities are done on the weekends. Member’s families and grandchildren are welcome invited guests.
  • We usually camp once a month during our camping season which starts in April-May and ends in October. During the winter months we have a meeting which usually includes a meal, either a potluck or at a restaurant.
  • We have a host and co-host for all campouts. Usually, just a host will handle the winter meetings.
  • Our camping schedule is set at the beginning of the year, enabling members to include the schedule in their personal plans. During the winter season, we meet on the first Saturday of the month; however, during the camping season, we camp on the first weekend of the month starting on Friday.  On occasion this schedule is changed due to holidays or other reasons but is only done so at the vote of the members.  Remember, it is the members who set up the schedule – so if you have a favorite place – speak up, volunteer to host a meeting or a campout.
  • Many members participate in state, regional and national campouts. Colorado has two state campouts each year – ‘Spring Fling’, which is usually scheduled in mid-May and ‘Statewide’ held over Labor Day weekend.  A variety of activities are scheduled.  These campouts are tons of fun and give you the opportunity to meet members from other chapters within the state.  FCRV also holds regional campouts and a national ‘Campvention’ each year.  The Campvention is for all of the states and Canada to participate.  In addition, the state retirees may hold a state, regional and national Retiree Rally each year.
  • Information concerning statewide news and events are published in the state’s newsletter, “Colorado Fireside Embers”. This is a free publication sent to all who have paid National dues.  Also, as a National dues paying member of FCRV, you will receive the “Camping Today” magazine that includes all the national news and events along with registration forms for National events and lots of other great information.
  • The Ute Bobcats participate in the following Nationally sponsored programs. DASAT:  (Disaster And Safety Awareness Training) Seminars may be offered from time to time to receive this education.  CAMP/SPC: (Campers Actively Moving Program/Self Propelled Campers) Activities such as bicycling, hiking, cross country skiing, canoeing, aerobics & more.  CONSERVATION: Chapter projects could include recycling, highway & park beautification, water, air & soil conservation & education. SCRAPBOOK:  Our chapter compiles a video scrapbook of the events in the chapter.  This is done each year and can be submitted to the state for competition.  Submitting for competition is optional, not mandatory.  If you win at State, your chapter’s scrapbook will go on to the National competition at Campvention.  If the chapter does not make a scrapbook, a video history may be retained.
  • There are several individual competitions you can participate in at the state and national level. In addition, you can prepare a conservation poster for competition.  The children and teens also have the opportunity to enter such competitions.  You as a member may be as active as you wish.
  • National dues of $35.00, which all chapter members must pay, are due on your anniversary date (the month you joined). You will receive a notice which will be attached to your “Camping Today” magazine.  Your chapter dues are $15.00 per year and become due at the end of each year.
  • Most important, remember your purpose for joining the Ute Bobcats is to have a good time and to enjoy camping and fellowship with some of the world’s friendliest people!!!
  • If you have any questions, please contact your officers or any members. We are here to help.