Weekend Warriors – Adults Only


The Weekend Warriors are an adult only, pet friendly FCRV camping group.  We do welcome the occasional grandchild on our camping adventures.  Guest campers are always welcome.  We are a very active and social group.  Key features of our group are:

  • Camping with hook-ups. We do enjoy visiting the beautiful State Parks that offer partial hook-ups such as electric only.  Primitive camping is always an option.  Camping within a five hour travel time limit from Colorado Springs.
  • Visiting areas that offer a variety of activities.
  • Hiking, fishing, off road rentals, geocache, biking, and enjoying all outdoor activities.
  • Playing games as a group such as bingo, bunco, and various card games.
  • Crafts
  • Community Outreach

During the winter months we enjoy visiting restaurants once a month or going to someone’s home for socializing and fellowship.

We are open to new members joining the Weekend Warriors.

Chapter Profile:

Chapter Name: Weekend Warriors

Type of Chapter: Adults Only

Number of Members in Chapter:  12

How many families do you want from the RV show?  5

If your chapter is an Adults only or a Retiree chapter do you allow children/grandchildren to camp-visit on occasion?  Yes

Type of members chapter is looking for:  Couples or single adults only.  (children and grandchildren welcome as occasional guest).

Ages of Children in Chapter: N/A

What percentage of time does the chapter prefer to camp with?  Wagon Master has the choice for their particular month without restriction.  Some site are full hookups others partial, some may not have any amenities at all.  It is the camp host who decides.

What months do the chapter camp? April to October, weather permitting.

What type of activities does the chapter do during campouts?  Hiking, dinners, breakfasts, ATVs,  campfire get together, outdoor games, indoor games, fishing, out -door photography, seeing the local sights.  Enjoying each others company.  Most of our members camp with dogs.

What are the activities done during non-camping months? Meet for lunch or dinner at a restaurant.

Does the chapter participate in most of the state campouts and activities? No

Does the chapter travel together on long trips?  If possible we try to stay within a three hour drive for weekend events, but we are up for anything fun and exciting.

Are long trips a part of the chapter regular camping season?  No

Does the chapter have a scrapbook?  Yes

Does the chapter have dues? Yes        How Much? $20.00 annually due in July.