Southern Colorado RETIREE RALLY 2019

Carnival / Fair Days – Sep 16-20, 2019

Plan on joining in on the fun!
Hot-Diggity-Dog Day will feature: a Costume Parade for your favorite dog or stuffed animal; a grilled Hot Dog and Nacho based lunch complete with watermelon-on-a-stick and Twinkie “corn dogs” for dessert; a fun Photo Booth, and much more.
Games of “skill” every day… frog races, pong games, circle toss, bean bag baseball, nerf guns, seated flyswatter badminton and many more.
Games of “chance” every night… card bingo, polish poker, plus your favorite card or board game.
Bring your homemade chili and/or pie to enter into the CookOff Contest and after the vote, enjoy a fantastic lunch of Homemade Chili and Pie!!!
PopCorn, SnoCones, and S-Mores will also be part of the fun!
Registration form is in this Embers. Don’t miss out. We all want to see you and have a great time together.

Registration Form