About FCRV

Family playing at campground

About Family Campers & RVers

What is Colorado FCRV all about?

Belonging to Family Campers & RVers is not just one thing, it’s a lot of things, just like your family.   FCRV is the smell of a campfire and cooking outdoors. FCRV is the sharing of hopes and dreams. FCRV is coming to the aid of someone in need and knowing they would do the same for you. FCRV is a chance to meet other kids and families just like yours. FCRV is preserving the natural resources.

Most of all, FCRV is renewing old friendships and beginning new ones. FCRV is welcoming your friends into your family and them welcoming you into theirs. Belonging to FCRV is like living in a good neighborhood where the folks next door, across the street, or up the road are real friends you can count on. Best of all you know this neighborhood stretches all over North America and much of Canada.

FCRV believes that nothing is more important than family. We spend our lives providing for them, but often we never seem to find enough time to spend with them. FCRV provides you with the opportunity to find the joy of sharing in camping experiences while also providing age appropriate activities for your entire family. Children, teens, young adults, married couples and retirees will all find something in FCRV.

Chapters are the Heart of FCRV! 

Colorado FCRV is a nonprofit group with 48 local chapters throughout Colorado.  Each group of families set up a schedule and camp together. For many, these chapters are extended families where life-long friendships are formed.  As a new member you will be made aware of the chapters in your area. You may either camp with them or if you wish , you may want to form a new chapter from family or friends you already know.

Can I camp in other states with FCRV?

Beyond your local chapter, there are district, state, regional and national camp-outs. You’ll find activities for youth, teens, adults and retirees at these campouts.  The largest campout is the annual National Campvention held every July and the winter Retiree Rally in February or March.  The National Campvention is hosted in one of the regions of the U.S. or Canada and brings together hundreds of camping families from all over the country.

How can I join FCRV?

FCRV is the oldest all volunteer non-profit family camping organization in the U.S. and Canada and like other national RV clubs FCRV offers a host of discounts, benefits, and programs. The first six months are FREE & Annual membership dues are just $35 per family.