Oops – Mixed Age

The Oops chapter was chartered in 1995 and includes about 12 families but would love to add more!

We camp on average, twice per month during the camping season.  As a mixed age group, we accept all types of families and currently have several with children.  Grandchildren are always welcome.   We also encourage you to bring your pet.

We seldom dry camp (no hookups) and favor state and national parks.  Most of our trips are long weekend, Friday through Sunday minimizing the need to take vacation days, but often one or more may come a day early or stay a day late.  All but one campout should be one tank trips, but we usually like to schedule one extended trip, most recently Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and western Colorado.  Those trips tend to be 5 days to 7 days.  We plan our schedule in October for the following year, so we have plenty of time to plan.  Many state parks fill up quickly.  You may choose to make your own reservations, or use our Wagon Master to do it for you but we usually camp within a short distance of one another.

While camping, we take in local attractions like Cave of the Winds, Florissant Fossil Beds or Donkey Derby Days for example. We have one meal as a pot luck, and since one family usually volunteers to host the weekend, they choose the main dish or theme.  Evenings hold good conversation around the campfire, and some may play cards or games as well.  Throughout the season, depending on camping location, some members will take in some fishing, hiking or go walking or biking as well.

Every October we hold a joint Halloween event with Rolling Waves, and have had from 30 to 80 people attend at Cherry Creek State Park.  Everyone has lots of fun with costumes, a chili cookoff, scavenger hunts and Halloween festivities for the kids.  In the off season, some will host and invite everyone for birthday or other types of parties like Super Bowl or Broncos playoffs.  We’ll meet once in November and once in December for a meal and Holiday event that includes our own Santa Clause and a white elephant gift exchange!