Rambl’n Rec’s – Retiree



(Retiree Chapter)

 Number of members in chapter:      24

If your chapter is an Adults Only or a Retiree chapter, do you allow grandkids to camp/visit on occasion?            Yes

Type of members chapter is looking for:      Active retirees

 Ages of children in chapter:  N/A

 What percentage of time does the chapter prefer to camp with?

Dry camping                5%

Electric only                _______

Water & Electric         _______

Full Hookups                95%

 What months does the chapter camp?        April through October

What kinds of activities does the chapter do during campouts?  Tour areas of interest, special events (Balloon Festival), games, potlucks, music and jam sessions, museums, boating, hiking, biking, riding and walking.

What are the activities during the non-camping season?  Luncheons/dinners at restaurants, dinner theatre, touring areas of interest and inside activities.

Does the chapter participate in the state campouts and activities?  Yes, but limited

Does the chapter travel together on long trips?  Occasionally

Are long trips part of the regular camping season? Frequently

Does the chapter have a scrapbook?           No

Does the chapter have dues?   Yes      How much?    $15.00 a year

Updated 3-2-2017