Silver Foxes – Retiree


  • Number of family/members in chapter: 38 members, 18 rigs
  • If your chapter is an Adults Only or a Retiree chapter,
    do you allow grand-kids to camp/visit on occasion?
    Grandchildren are welcome
  • Type of members chapter is looking for: Flexibility to camp weekdays
  • What percentage of time does the chapter prefer to camp with? (Note: Locations are
    selected by the member hosts and may not always meet these criteria.)
    Dry camping 10 %
    Electric only
    Water & Electric 25 %
    Full Hookups 65 %
  • What months do the chapter camp? April through September
  • What kinds of activities does the chapter do during campouts? Potlucks, sightseeing , games (variety of evening table games & activities and occasional “easy” daytime athletic games,,,bolo horseshoes,etc ), walking and fishing. These are planned by monthly campout hosts/cohosts based on location and possibly theme.
  • What are the activities during the non-camping season? We have a luncheon every month to conduct our chapter business and socialize as well as a year-end Christmas Party
  • Does the chapter participate in most of the state campouts and activities? Yes Also some Nat’l
  • Does the chapter travel together on long trips? Sometime members do caravan; other times do not.
  • Are long trips part of the regular camping season? Yes Typically one 250+ miles;
    three 100-150 miles; five 50 miles or less
  • Does the chapter have a scrapbook? Yes
  • Does the chapter have dues? Yes How much? $10.00 per member a year
  • The Silver Foxes is composed of retired adults of all ages. We generally camp at either full service campgrounds or state parks with well-established campgrounds. Rigs vary from small to large, and we have some longtime members who now camp in cabins (when available).  Our group enjoys socializing and generally those who enjoy walking, fishing, golfing, or shopping can easily find a small group of the like-minded. Sightseeing, some communal meals (potluck or restaurant), and sitting in the shade or around the campfire chatting are activities that we all enjoy.
  • We are not a fast-paced group, but we are active and interested in making new camping friends.