Trailblazers – Retiree

The Trailblazers are a camping club associated with the national organization of Family Campers and RVers (FCRV) and are in the Colorado Springs area.   We currently have 35 members in our chapter and 19 rigs.

We are looking for active and friendly retirees.  Although we do not have children in our group we welcome grandkids to camp or visit on occasion.

Weather permitting we camp April through October.  Our chapter normally camps with full hook-ups but occasional camps with water and electric only and sometimes dry camps or camps at sites with electric only.  During our campouts we like to hike, fish, bike, go sightseeing and on nature walks, have campfires and potlucks.  We also like to explore new destinations and landscapes, visit historical sites, shopping and dining and just relaxing (being retired folks).

We normally camp on the third week of the month – Monday to Thursday.  There are exceptions – in October we camp the first week of the month because of weather.  Other months may be changed as needed.

During the winter we usually have monthly luncheons.

Occasionally we travel together to surrounding states and throughout Colorado.  Members are encouraged to participate for as long as they wish.

Each year the camping schedule is different.  Options are proposed and voted on, usually at the October meeting.

During non camping months we have sit-down dinners or activity center game nights.