Woodland Wookies


Woodland Wookies are a down to earth camping group that love to dry camp mostly…boon- docking! We have many wonderful locations that are pretty Awesome. A couple will host as Wagon-masters and choose where our location of our campsite is for the 2nd Weekend of the month!! We are pretty flexible with everything.

We do occasionally camp at State Parks as well.  Wookies just love, love, love, nature and true camping we mainly focus on that. We also camp with our four legged dogs, and they seem very content to be free and off leash playing as much as possible. We are an Adult group only, but do allow once in a while sweet grandchildren, plus guests to camp right along with us – the more the Merrier!

Woodland Wookies enjoy the simple things that go along with camping such as Star Gazing, Photography, Kayaking, Biking and even Fishing….it’s catching that can be a challenge.. but we never get tired of it!  We especially like to go exploring and hiking along with ATVing!  Wookies are laid-back and do whatever we feel like at any campout.. even choose to do nothing at all by sitting back enjoying the campfires and the serenity of just “being away from it all” Everyone knows what that feels like…just plain relaxation!

As a group Wookies have our Saturday meetings with pot luck meals.  We even cook with Dutch ovens sometimes. Happiest Woodland Wookies seems to be when we are surrounded by breathtaking views! It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That!

  • We Are Open To New Members joining the Woodland Wookies.
  • Number of Members in Chapter: 10
  • How many families do you want from the RV show? 2 or 3
  • Type of members chapter is looking for:    Couples or single adults only.
  • What percentage of time does the chapter prefer to camp with?
  • Wagon-master has the choice for their particular month without too much restriction. State Parks and/or dry camping areas.. plus occasional plug-in campgrounds ( not too pricey)
  • What months do the chapter camp? April to October, weather permitting. possibly even March camping!
  • What type of activities does the chapter do during campouts?  Hiking ,Biking. Atving, dinners, breakfasts, campfires, games, fishing, catching, seeing local sites, star gazing, nature enjoyment, photography, Enjoying each others company, dutch oven baking
  • What are the activities done during non-camping months?  Meet for lunch or dinner at a restaurant or someone’s home or even bowling or sight-seeing trip or tours!
  • Does the chapter participate in most of the state campouts and activities? No
  • Does the chapter travel together on long trips?  If possible we try to stay within a three hour drive for weekend events, but we are up for anything fun and exciting…went to Boulder to tour Celestial Seasons tea factory and even Coors in Golden!
  • Are long trips apart of the chapter regular  camping season?  No
  • Does the chapter have a scrapbook?  On  face book ( we tend to keep things simple)
  • Does the chapter have dues?  No   How much?   N/A